Help us grow the Heart of our Farm💚

Help us grow the Heart of our Farm💚

Help us build the heart of our farm! Be a part of our next big project! 

We are:

- adding an ADA accessible bathroom for the farm, 

- building a post-harvest wash station that gets us closer to USDA GAP certification.

- building neighborhood learning spaces where children and adults can come to learn about farming and the environment, share their wisdom, and nurture our cultural traditions.

- creating a shared office for our team

- opening a neighborhood Farmer's Market that will serve the needs of the community,


- adding a commercial kitchen where community members can come to prepare meals, learn new recipes, safely prepare value-added foods like jams, hot sauce, and other goods that can be sold in the neighborhood Farmer's Market to support community micro-businesses.

It's a small space with HUGE plans and an EVEN BIGGER community impact!  

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