Tuesday Tips - Farm Apps We Like

When my crops are looking sad or strange and I'm not sure why, in addition to tapping into my network of wise farmers, I also use some tech resources. These are three apps that I have used and find valuable. Top Left is the series of apps created by Perdue. They have ones for fruit trees, perennial crops, and even turf!
Bottom Right is the Farming Basics app from the Alabama Extension. They have good local information and from what I hear an update is in the works that will hopefully include pictures of pests at their various life cycle stages.
Finally, there is Plantix, an AI-driven app for Andriod devices only right now, that offers detection and treatment advice for diseases, some cool calculators for fertilizers, and a community of farmers to share info with. The app is focused on our farmer kin in India so measurements and some terms will be different. Still, an great app!

What resources do you use when you have a farm mystery? Any favorite apps to share?

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