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Just completed our BeBHM BECOME cohort and I'm excited!

I'm so excited to be among the graduates of the 3rd BeBhm BECOME J.O. Diffay Cohort. BECOME is a 5 month business accelerator program (powered by StartSpark + CO.STARTERS) and and hosted by Birmingham's own Urban Impact that covers key areas of business operations and management. In addition to the amazing program facilitators like Joseph Dees and Jessica Bynum, all of us had direct access to experts in a variety of areas like financial management and marketing. The program consisted of a 12-week (10 sessions) facilitated core curriculum and will be followed by an intensive and individualized 30-60-90 technical assistance period. Why are we doing this? Why is a community-centered farm like ours so interested in "business", you ask? For us it's another way to view our work through multiple...

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Safiya Charles of The Counter wrote an awesome article about aquaponics and We're in it!

With guidance from urban farming and aquaponics leaders like Ricky Davis @ricky_davis_is_sowing_seeds we’re working together to feed our communities, encourage our neighbors to grow their own food, and building a network of Black and Brown farmers here in Alabama. If you would like to support our work here in #FountainHeights #BirminghamAlabama please donate so we can continue our work. Please enjoy this amazing article from @thecounter "Despite the explosion in interest in farming with aquaponics, there are few places to gain formal training. Aspiring urban growers are instead turning to 'YouTube University,' community knowledge sharing, and building DIY greenhouses and fish tanks by hand."💻+📷: Safiya Charles

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Tuesday, March 2 Volunteer day

Volunteer Day: March 2, 2021 from 8am to noon. Address: 1205 16th Street North Birmingham, AL 35204 This last year+ has been beyond hard. Nature is a healer. Come put your hands in the soil, smell the greens, laugh with other nature lovers, come get that sunshine and sweat! I promise it looks good on you!

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